The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has studied Quiet Zones (QZ) since the early ‘90s. Consistent patterns of increased collisions occurred when train horns were silenced. So, any permissive regulations would have to give serious consideration to safety issues. Accordingly FRA’s proposed regulations would allow communities to create QZs in return for upgrading road/rail crossing safety from its current level. The required upgrades specified are those designed to increase safety at a greater rate than the higher risk associated with QZs - a win-win situation. The FRA’s new draft regulations require communities to adopt specific safety measures in order to create a QZ. Generally a community may qualify a QZ by closing crossings, or protecting each of its road/rail crossings with crossing gates; flashing lights; a few relatively minor expense items such as additional signage; and one supplemental safety measure (SSM). While SSMs are generally expensive and maintenance intensive, QWICK KURB® is the exception. Two 100 foot sections of QWICK KURB®, can be installed in about three hours at a fraction of the cost of other SSMs, with little maintenance thereafter. QWICK KURB® crossings have proven effective in communities in all areas of the country, with several projects over three years old. No other mountable median has proven such durability and effectiveness at discouraging drive-around gate violations. Mountable median with channelization devices, high intensity yellow sheeting and Reflective Arcs are by far the least expensive SSM, and fastest to install. That also describes QWICK KURB®, a proven SSM on an FRA test site.

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