Key Characteristics of the Vertical Element

The QWICK KURB® System addresses the need for high target vertical elements. A unique two-part vertical, with rebounding support from a double-walled flex boot, allows installation of large, formidable markers. Channelizers can be installed with heights from 28" to 43" depending on the style. Because of the reboundable flex boot's strength and design, it can support even the Big Bollard™ that, at nearly 15" circumference, dwarfs all other round or semi-round delineators on the road today. And the elliptical Mega Marker™ can accept over 230 sq. in. of reflective sheeting per side to achieve even more night time visibility.

Target Value The need to use horizontal channelization usually means that the use of mere delineators is believed to be inadequate, or has already proven inadequate. Traffic engineers seeking to counteract motorist disrespect for these feeble devices have recognized that the combination of large formidable delineators on top of a tall continuous horizontal element clearly defines the intended travel path, commands motorist respect and provides superior channelization in all conditions – day or night, wet or dry. At highway speeds, small delineators are difficult to see and provide little guidance or delineation value. Simply placing a horizontal road element between existing small delineators or placing these delineators on top of a primitive horizontal element is ineffective and a waste of money.

Economical Maintenance Narrow and short glue down delineator tubes are a maintenance headache and increasingly ineffective. QWICK KURB's two-part vertical channelizer allows for economical maintenance when replacements are needed. After traffic impacts have sufficiently damaged the reflective sheeting or the underlying plastic panel, the reboundable flex boot is normally still intact. the top section on the two-part marker can be easily replaced in the field by removing two nuts costing only about half on the complete original marker.

The unique design of the rubber flex provides unmatched durability and ease of maintenance.

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