Lane Separator

QWICK KURB, INC. is the leading global manufacturer of lane separator systems because our raised curb channelizing systems are effective, low-cost, highly durable.
As a result, we help traffic engineers achieve results.

The Most Trusted Name In Lane Separators

Channelizing System Choices

For over twenty years, QWICK KURB INC. has remained focused on engineering raised lane separator systems for the most grueling environments.

Qwick Kurb Traffic Lane Separators

Meet MASH or NCHRP 350 TL-3 eligibility requirements

Interlock together similar to a portable concrete barrier

Can be installed fully anchored, semi-anchored or unanchored

Traffic Lane Separator

A traffic Lane separator should include a continuous curb for channelizing traffic and heavy duty delineation to help guide motorists safely through traffic. The QWICK KURB® Continuous Curbing Systems meets all the criteria, therefore it is ideal for harsh environments such as work zones and narrow medians. Moreover, Large formidable delineators on top of the raised continuous curb clearly defines the intended travel path and increases motorist compliance. The system will provide superior channelization in all weather conditions, even snow.

Traffic Lane Separators ARE IDEAL FOR

Railroad Quiet Zones

Bicycle Lanes

Interstate Work Zones

QWICK KURB | The longitudinal channelizing barricade


Longitudinal channelizing barricade
work zone lane separator


Vertical Median Separators

Most importantly, the QWICK KURB Lane Separator System addresses the need for high target vertical elements. A unique two-part vertical, with rebounding support from a double-walled flex boot, allows installation of large, easy-to-see markers. Channelizers are available in heights from 28" to 43" and can be ordered in panel or bollard form.

Panel Style

median separator

Can accept over 230 sq. in. of reflective sheeting per side to achieve even more night time visibility.

Mega Marker™

Bollard Style

safety curb

At nearly 15" circumference, dwarfs all other round or semi-round delineators on the road today

Big Bollard™

QWICK KURB, the channelizing curb system

Make a Raised Curb Connection

railroad safety
raised curb
railroad safety curb

Just like anchoring barrier wall, a secure connection between modules is essential. Molding a heavy duty hook into the Continuous Base Longitudinal Channelizer ensures units do not become disconnected. Installations as far back as 1997 with heavy truck ADT, are still solidly in place with no re-anchoring needed.

Two Tier Profile

QWICK KURB uses a unique two-tier profile that allows tires to climb, level, and climb again so that they do not rise above the top of the curb. This design also ensures contact with the ground and discourages an errant vehicle from vaulting.
traffic barrier


traffic calming

Other Systems

lane separators

Night Visibility

Traffic engineers want motorists to recognize the raised profile of the curb at night as well. Reflectors attached only on top of the curb would actually mislead motorists to believe that they were seeing a flat surface, so a profiled reflective device was developed and installed at intervals of less than one meter. The seven cat's eye reflectors facing motorists in each arc-shaped device clearly show the raised profile of the curb in the dark.

QWICK KURB, the world leader in channelizing curb systems.