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When QWICK KURB® Traffic Lane Separator is combined with either panel or bollard style markers, the system qualifies as a MASH TL-3 Longitudinal Channelizer. Curb elements are designed to interlock together similar to a concrete barrier wall. Connected elements do not separate in harsh environments such as work zones and narrow medians. AIn addition, a heavy duty hook is molded directly into the element to strengthen the system laterally. Anchors can also be added or long-term installations. The two-tier profile is designed to keep curbing stationary during run overs. The QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing can be installed in curves as tight as 38 feet in diameter and is available in yellow or white.

3.5 Inches High,
No Vaulting

The unique two-stage design of the QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing allows the channelizing curb to be as tall as possible without vehicle vaulting when impacted at high speed.

By using a unique two-tier profile allows tires to climb, level and climb again so that they do not rise above the top of the curb. This profile allows for a combination of a narrow width of less than 11 inches.

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A Secure Connection

Due to the unique interlocking design of the Continuous Base MASH Longitudinal Channelizer, only two anchor holes are required per section. Installations performed in 1997 are still solidly in place with no re-anchoring needed.

Just like anchoring barrier wall, a secure connection between modules is essential. Molding a heavy duty hook into the Continuous Base Longitudinal Channelizer ensures units do not become disconnected. Installations as far back as 1997 with heavy truck ADT, are still solidly in place with no re-anchoring needed.

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Anchoring Options

The Qwick Kurb Continous Base Longitudinal Channlizer can be anchored three different ways to meet the needs of almost any application. QWICK Kurb Continuous Base meets eligibility requirements issued by FHWA based on AASHTO MASH criteria as a TL-3 Longitudinal Channelizer.

Fully Anchored

The most secure way to fasten theĀ Continuous Base.Ā  A fully anchored system is recommended when MASH TL-3 protection is needed in a permanent application or when used in a long termĀ work zone project.

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Water Drainage,
We Thought of That

The QWICK KURB Continuous Base uses two methods for water drainage. On the bottom of each curb are molded rubber feet that raise the curb slightly above the road surface.Ā 

Water can sheet beneath the curb in almost all circumstances.Ā In a particular trouble spots that often see high water, the line of curb can be stopped and two end curbs can be installed to create a gap for water run-off.

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