L125SHM Big Bollard


The QWICK KURB® Continuous Curb Traffic Lane Separator with BIG BOLLARD Markers is a MASH Longitudinal Channelizing System ideal for harsh environments such as narrow medians and work zones. Large formidable delineators on top of a raised continuous curb clearly define the intended travel path and increases motorist compliance while providing superior channelization in all weather conditions, even snow. 


The QWICK KURB BIG BOLLARD Marker is the largest reboundable bollard on the market with a 15” circumference. It addresses the need for high target vertical elements. This unique two-part vertical, with rebounding boot support, allows installation of extra large markers.


QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing is designed to interlock together similar to concrete barrier wall. In addition, a heavy duty hook is molded directly into the element to strengthen the system laterally. Anchors can also be added or long-term installations. The two-tier profile is designed to keep curbing stationary during run overs. The QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing can be installed in curves as tight as 38 feet in diameter.

The QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing System with MEGA MARKER Panels meets eligibility requirements based on AASHTO MASH criteria as a TL-3 Longitudinal Channelizer. The system can be installed fully anchored, semi-anchored or in some work zone applications, unanchored.

BIG BOLLARD | Traffic Lane Visibility in the

Reboundable Boot

A unique rebounding support from a double-walled flex boot, allows installation of extra large, formidable markers that stay upright even after multiple impacts.
Qwick Kurb Bollard
Qwick Kurb Reflector

Superb Visibility

Crash numbers drop where brighter signage is present. The Mega Marker holds over 230 square inches of high reflective delineation for superior visibility in night or day and wet or dry conditions.

Upright elements can be combined with the profiled QWICK KURB reflective device. The seven cat's eye reflectors facing motorists in each arc-shaped device clearly show the raised profile of the curb in the dark.

A Secure Connection

A three-piece hardware kit is used to connect upright elements to the Kurb elements to ensure the strongest bond possible.

First the upright element slides in through an interlocking L-channel fitting in the Kurb, then two connectors pin the element in place.

Qwick Kurb Instalaltion